Throw-overboard Inflatable Liferaft

Throw-overboard Inflatable Liferaft
  • Product No.: 2018812192738
  • Certificate: CCS GL
  • Country of Original: China
  • Supplier: Shanghai Caesar International trading Co.,Ltd


Throw over board inflatable liferaft are applicable to vessels navigation in international (class 1) or domestic zone and also used for all kinds of offshore facility lifesaving.
It meets the requirements of Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Ships and Offshore Installations Technical Regulations for the Statutory Surveys of Sea-going Ships Engaged on International Voyages(1999) ”of P.R.C. and SOLAS 74/96 Amendment, LSA,MSC.81(70). It can be inflated and opened automatically after throwing-over from the ship. If the ship sinking, the hydrostatic release unit can make the liferaft separate quickly from the wreck and float up from water to realize lifesaving purpose.
*Situable for installing on the vessels(ship) sailing on the international voyages.
*Max Sorage height:8-50m.
*Equipment Outfit:SOLAS A/B PACK.


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