Safety Seat Belt for Totally Enclosed Lifeboat Rescueboat and Free Fall Lifeboat

Safety Seat Belt for Totally Enclosed Lifeboat Rescueboat and Free Fall Lifeboat
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Safety Seat Belt is always installed on the FRP Totally Enclosed Lifeboat or Free Fall Lifeboat, It is an important part for the Lifeboat. While the FRP Lifeboat lowering from the vessel to the waterline of the Ocean, The Seamen in the free fall lifeboat or the Totally Enclosed Lifeboat, have to fasten themselves with the safety seat Belts to the lifeboat to keep the steady and safety. Normally, the FRP totally enclosed lifeboat only use the safety Seat belt, as for free fall lifeboat, which also equipped with the seat for each seaman under the SOLAS regulation. The safety seat belt is made of Nylon material, Which should done the pull force test under the regulation. Belt buckle is stainless material. Which types include 2 knots insert,3 knots or 4 knots insert. upon the regulation, the there will be instruction label of the safety seat belt pasted on the inner of the lifeboat. also, there will be the manual for the seamen to see how to use the safety seat belt. FRP Safety Seat Belt are made in Orange, Black, Blue in color. It will installed on body of the Totally enclosed in round One different color by the other color for the seaman to be seated easily.If in the Free fall lifeboat, which will be installed on the FRP seat.Our company could and also have offered thousands of Safety Seat Belts for global clients ,For Totally enclosed lifeboat makers, shipowners,Shipyard, or Lifeboat after service company. We could offer the Safety Seat Belt of the FRP totally enclosed we have made,which is suitable for the global made FRP lifeboat boat and Free fall Lifeboat. and also, we could offer the Safety Seat Belt per the requirement from the client with good price and best quality, if you have such inquiry for the Safety Seat Belt of the Totally Enclosed Lifeboat, Please kindly contact us.


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