Davit-Launched Inflatable Liferaft

Davit-Launched Inflatable Liferaft
  • Product No.: 2018812202047
  • Certificate: CCS GL
  • Country of Original: China
  • Supplier: Shanghai Caesar International trading Co.,Ltd


Davit-Launched Inflatable Life Raft is charged and loaded on deck.
Davit-launched liferaft is now widely used on passenger ships and cargo vessels due to its special effect.
Approval Standard
-1996 Amendment to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea,1974
-MSC.48(66)International Life-saving Appliance Code
-MSC.218(82)Amendment to the International Life-saving Appliance Code(LSA Code)
-MSC.81(70)Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances
-MSC.226(82)Amendment to the Revised Recommendation on Testing of Life-saving Appliances
-1994 and 2000 HSC Code 8
-EC directive 96/98/EC
*Situable for installing on the vessel sailing on the international voyages.
*Max storgae height:18-50M.
*Equipment Outfit:SOLS A/B Pack.


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