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65KN Gravity Rolling Type davit


65KN Gravity Rolling Type davit

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Country of Original:China

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65KN Gravity Rolling Type davit, also named as Gravity Overhead Rolling davit,which usually eqipped with the FRP totally enclosed lifeboat or rescue boat,this type lifeboat davit lowering the boat to the seawater depending on the boat self weight,and recovering the totally enclosed lifeboat and rescue boat using electrical boat winch. This type Lifeboat davit is very popular with the shipowners from Russia,desiging and installtion on the vessels from the Russia marine market.Our company could offer 65KN,85KN,120KN,155KN,185KN Gravity Rolling Type davit for sales,with good quality and good price, also have got the approval from CCS,BV,RINA,NK,RMRS,ABS,DNV-GL society, if you have such inquiry, Please kindly let us know.We are happy to offer our technical data for this type davit for your reference:

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