Hatch Cover

Hatch cover are mainly divided into three categories:container hanging  type hatch cover, the bulk lateral type folding hatch cover , general cargo ship folding hatch cover,Meanwhile,Folding hatch cover can also be used in the bulk carrier , and  the hanging type hatch cover can also be used for general cargo ship.If space is limited, overtime slippage hatch cover (most along the ship longitudinal) can be device into cascading, namely two or more hatch cover can be stacked together with hydraulic equipment, and then according to the actual needs and move down the hatch.
Container hanging type hatch cover always used on the container carrier. which could cover the deck.and the containers could be laied on it.while used on the bulk carriers, which could be laid down as the separators.
Folding type hatch cover, which is Important for bulk carrier and multi-purpose ship, the folding hatch cover is divided into two groups: high folding hatch cover and low folding hatch cover. The low folding hatch cover is usually used when the height of the fold is limited, and the folding length required for the folding length is larger than the fold required for the high folding hatch cover. 
The bulk lateral type folding hatch coverMainly used for bulk carriers, the operation is to move the hatch to the side of the ship and remove the cargo hold.