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Windlass is one of the deck machinery for all kinds of vessels, Which always used for lowering and collecting the anchor and anchor chain.Windlass is usually installed on main deck the stern of the ship , for the ships anchor, anchor mooring.Windlass are always used with the winch.
Windlass is mainly composed of base, stents, chain wheel, brake, sprocket, transmission, and other components of the electronic control system (manual windlass except), electric windlass motor, hydraulic windlass hydraulic pump station. The windlass is based on the size of the ship and the size of the anchor and anchor chain.
The windlass can be divided according to the mode of actuation: manual, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic.The windlass can be classified intoφ12 - φ 120mm by the diameter of the anchor chain.
The windlass can be divided into one and two sides according to the distribution of the drum.The main technical indexes of the windlass are the diameter of the anchor chain, the nominal speed of the anchor, the rated load, the support load, the several stages of change, the electric system and so on.The windlass is installed on the ship to ensure that the chain is degree 117-120.The largest windlass in domestic design is a hydraulic windlass with the diameter of the anchor chain φ114mm.

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