Totally enclosed lifeboat and Rescue boat winch brake disk

Totally enclosed lifeboat and rescue boat winch brake disk,which is an important part for the winch,Normally,which separated as inner brake disk and outer brake for the lifesaving appliances, while the winch requested, the brake disk will aslo request.such as the gravity davit,offshore davit, platform davit, single arm gravity davit and so on,the brake disk is an important part to be the function of brake there.
Normally, the winch brake disk is made of copper based power metallurgy.which should be replaced as the years goes on. while do the annual inspection or 5 yearly inspection, this should be an important part be taken.
Usually,this brake disk could be used forD40S/D40Z,D42S/D42Z,D50S/D50Z,D63S/D63Z,D100S/D125S,D145S/D170S, DW100S /DW145S,DW170S,DW220S lifeboat winch or rescue boat winch.,Email:[email protected]